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Amma please brush my teeth properly!

In Wit on 19 March 2014 at 5:53 am

Kids just say the darnedest things!

What happens when mythology meets reality?  Chetana, Amma of 4 year old Disha in Bangalore, shares this moment inspired by the story of baby Krishna eating mud.  

D has probably heard the story of Krishna eating mud from her grandmother.  So we were role playing.  On her request I was Krishna’s mother and she was Krishna. I had just made a fresh batch of banana ice cream which became her butter.
picture15So when Krishna asked Amma, “Amma, I need butter,” Amma said, “take it” (pointing at the container of ice cream).
While eating ‘butter,”  Krishna says, “Amma I ate some mud.”
Amma asks, “open your mouth.”
Krishna opens mouth.
Amma exclaims, ” I can see the world in your mouth!”
Krishna says, “Amma please brush my teeth properly!”

AskAmma thanks Chetana for sharing this story.   Happy Birthday Disha!


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