The hills were alive with the sound of Tamia….

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Tamia Naira Chetana.  Some would say its quite a long name for someone that small. Not quite five months yet, Tamia has gone through quite a bit in this time, justifying the name. “Tamia” is a hill station  in Central Madhya Pradesh surrounded by the lush forests of the Gondwana region. In all likelihood, our second daughter was born there… “Naira” is her birth name, given by her caregivers in Shishu Greh, Chhindwara. Lastly, “Chetana,” breaking away from the patriarchal naming norms.

Our first family selfie!

Our first family selfie!

While our roller coaster of a ride lasted less than 2 months, it was a lot longer for her, going from a small hospital in Tamia where she was first treated, to the District Hospital in Chhindwara where she finally started getting some much needed nourishment. Tamia came home with us on the 21st of March.

Happy Watermelon Birthday!

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We had the pleasure of Disha’s company just as she was approaching the big 5.   She was traveling with her parents to the heart of the country and lucky for us they had a break journey in Mumbai.  We thrust a candle into a plump watermelon and burst into an enthusiastic chorus of “Happy Birthday” which delighted Disha to no end.  The Birthday Watermelon was sweet and juicy and we ate the whole thing!  Cheers to Disha as she sails through the final days of being 4 and three cheers for watermelon birthdays!

Disha enjoys a little watermelon birthday party :-)

Disha enjoys a little watermelon birthday party :-)

Tip of the Day:   Yes, you can celebrate your birthday with watermelon!

The Worst Thing About the Menstrual Cup

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This article appears in The Hindu as “A life-changing cup” on 15 March 2015.

Menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

The Worst thing about the Menstrual Cup

Is it the cost? The weirdness? Is it the difficulty of inserting it? The messy removal? Or the cumbersome cleaning?

No, none of these is the worst thing about the menstrual cup. Women who have these problems generally get over them after a few cycles. And the cost, while high, is recovered. But there is one problem that just doesn’t go away.

What you will often hear from women who use the cup is that it is life-changing. This cannot be reduced to the sum of saved money, saved time, saved environment or any such mundane savings. What is saved is at another level altogether.


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