Papaya Party

In Field Notes on 25 February 2015 at 9:44 am
Peter & Nirmala's Papaya Tree, Appalagraharam

Peter & Nirmala’s Papaya Tree, Appalagraharam

Soon after posting on the Papaya, we set out for Andhra Pradesh. While there I got an email from erstwhile MLA candidate and friend of the cause Kiran Vissa asking “how I can get hands on the fruitilicious dish! Will it make an appearance in Hyderabad?” As it happened we were traveling to Hyderabad the following week and the day we left Appalagraharam to catch the Visakha Express from Pondur, what should Peter (who practices not merely organic but no-till farming) hand me but a papaya fresh off the tree in their front yard.

Bravo! Anisha Bhavnani on Menstruation

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Bravo to this young woman, Anisha Bhavnani, and her Amma.  All of us need to stand against untouchability in its many forms.   Let us see that our daughters can also answer “no” to the question Anisha faced.

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Hasn’t your mother told you that you can’t step inside a temple when you have your period?

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Thanks to everyone who’s followed, liked or shared my blog. The fact that my work has an audience is truly inspiration to write more. I love you guys! :D

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Papaya For The Win

In Recipes on 10 February 2015 at 5:35 pm

The day after the Delhi election Bilal called and said that he had just arrived from Badwani with two gunny sacks full of papayas.   A farmer from the village Barda had donated them for Narmada Navnirman Abhiyan to sell and raise funds for the Jivanshalas, which are schools run in the tribal villages of the Narmada Valley that are neglected and exploited by the government.  Would anyone be interested? We had to move fast for these were tree-ripened papayas.  Moreover the farmer did not use pesticides or fertilizer other than cow dung.

People were certainly interested.

Papaya Tree in village Barda in the Narmada Valley in Madhya Pradesh.  Photo:  Mukhesh Bhagoriya

Papaya Tree in village Barda in the Narmada Valley in Madhya Pradesh.
Photo: Mukhesh Bhagoriya


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