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Lists of books for your reading pleasure.   Please note that it is very hard for me to divide books by age group because there are so many picture books and even board books that I still enjoy, perhaps enjoy even more so many years later.  I will do my best to annotate and recommend selected books here.  Some relevant posts:

Children’s Books by Indian Authors
Books for Baby by Indian Authors
Mid-twentieth Century Picture Books I Can’t Stop Reading

You may also want to check out My library.  Though I haven’t updated it recently, there are a good number of books there, sorted into categories such as:

For the Very Very Young

For the Very Young

For Children


You can assume I would not bother to go and add a book to “My Library” unless I thought it worth reading but please don’t assume, especially of books in the “Parents” category that I agree with every idea or suggestion – some are there for historical value, to help us understand how a given idea evolved.

Now for books that resist category – Have you read Ezra Jack Keats?  One of my all-time favourites.  Right up there with Country Bunny….

Front Cover   

Is it for children?  Parents?  You decide.

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