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My vegan pregnancy and natural birth experience

In Field Notes on 27 March 2014 at 8:00 pm

Sejal, Amma to 1 year-old Shaurya in Hyderabad, shares her story of pregnancy and birth. Sejal is vegan and active in raising awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet for the health of ourselves and the environment.

Random musings

I have often been asked to share the experience of my natural and vegan pregnancy. I had been vegan over 2 years before pregnancy, so, without a doubt, my pregnancy was going to be vegan too. And, I am very glad to be yet another person to have shattered many nutritional myths created by vested interests about veganism during this period.

Here’s how awesome being vegan has been for my pregnancy and my baby’s health:

  • ImageI gained 18 kg of weight during 9 months of pregnancy.
  • My son, Shaurya, was born with 3.75 kg of weight (considered extremely healthy).
  • My calcium and protein levels were excellent throughout the pregnancy, without any supplements (except for 15-20 days), as detailed below.
  • I had a completely natural delivery with no external induction, no cut or stitches, no pain management through epidural!
  • To top it all, my postdelivery recovery was super-smooth! Since my pregnancy…

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