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Vegan Delights

In Recipes on 29 December 2013 at 4:00 am

Ever since Sejal posted her recipe for Coconut-fig ice-cream, there has been a flurry of interest in vegan food.  With the new year coming, one of the resolutions some of us toy with is to try to reduce our dependence on animal products, or eliminate them from our diet altogether.  Cause we’re cool like that.

Whether for health, ethical or environmental reasons, or just to spruce up our foodie stripes, most of us could diversify our diets by bringing in some vegan items onto our menus.   Here are some fun ones to get the ball rolling.

One quick treat that has been skyrocketing in popularity is the simple banana dessert, known variously as banana sorbet, yonana, or vegan ice cream.   Just chop a ripe banana and put it in the freezer.   Blend it along with a bit of liquid for a soft ice cream consistency- the varieties are endless.  You can add a dash of fruit juice or a juicy fruit like a mango or sapota (chiku).  You can also add nuts, cocoa, etc.   Want to get fancy?  Try these three kinds of vegan ice cream on one of our favourite sites, Clean Green Simple.

The fruit sticks are great for parties.   Surreal rainbows swirl and get gobbled up before your very eyes.  No packaging either – fully compostable.  Play pick-up sticks at the end.

The vegan pizza is a whole evening of fun – in the making and in the eating.

  1. The rainbows look yummy!


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