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Nursing Kurta

In What on 30 October 2013 at 10:20 pm

Visit the shops and you will find nursing nighties.  What about nursing kurtas?  Nursing nighties are all well and good when you are nursing at night or if you are one of those who wears nighties in the daytime*.  But that is not me!  (Even if the Firstpost has “hailed” the nightie as “India’s National Dress.”)

You are of course free to nurse your baby anytime, anywhere and in any wear.  No special clothing is required to nurse your baby.  But if you ever find yourself hesitating to breastfeed because of the inconvenience of adjusting your clothing while doing other work or while others are around, then please try the nursing kurta, a garment that helped several mothers achieve total nursing freedom.  No zippers to open and close, ultra simple latch-on and latch-off, means that what most peole see is a baby snuggled up with mama.  The nursing kurta makes it easy to nurse in the sling as well.  Baby can latch on, latch off, doze, wake and nurse again all while mama goes about her activities.

We will update this page in November with instructions to order your nursing kurta from a boutique in Bangalore.

* A note on nursing nighties available in India:  Unfortunately most of them come with zippers which can be awkward.  You can alter a nightie by making two slits to allow for easy latch-on while sleeping, while keeping the rest of you warm. The nursing kurta also goes well with the sling, and makes it easy to nurse in the sling.

** I have recently started calling these nursing-enabled kurtas because anyone can wear them actually.  The nursing capability consists of a single layer of cloth that blends in with the kurta itself.

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  3. I would really like one of these. My little guy is getting more frisky and tends to pop off to stare at every and any new thing, and we don’t use a cover because they are fiddly. Where and how can I get them? I did go to the AID website, could not find any clear instruction on ordering a nursing salwar. FYI I live in Indore.


  4. […] Breastfeeding is alive and well in traditional and modern societies in spite of persistent efforts to reduce its frequency and duration and to restrict it from public spaces, in the name of modernity.  Breastfeeding advocates defend breastfeeding mothers at home, at work, in doctors’  offices and in public spaces.  One tool in the hands of a nursing mother in the modern world is the Nursing Kurta.    I have said often and I repeat that you may nurse in any clothing you want.  If you want a nursing kurta, designed without zippers for discreet convenient nursing anytime anywhere, then you will be happy to know that you can get these in India.  See Nursing Kurta. […]


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