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Vijay carries daughter in sling

Vijay carries daughter in sling

The SLING is the the thing I find myself recommending most often.  As they say, लाख़  दुखों  की  एक दवा है, क्यों ना आज़माएँ?

That evening fussiness that sets in usually anywhere between 3 weeks – 3 months?  Try the sling!

Baby takes such short naps I don’t know when / where to put her down?  Try the sling!

Trying to build supply by increasing nursing frequency?  Get more time for skin-to-skin contact by carrying baby in the sling.  Let baby latch on and off whenever he wants as you go about your day.

Baby wants to be with you while you have other things you need to do?  Why not both – just put baby in the sling!  This is the ultimate win-win because what could be more fun for baby than to observe the variety of things grown-ups do?

Want to entertain baby?  Take a walk with baby in the sling!  Nice cozy feeling is reminiscent of the womb – remember when you took walks when pregnant and baby would stop kicking until you came home and lay down?  Baby is rocked to sleep while walking, awakened when you sit still.

Mother carries younger child in sling while older child walks with her.

Mother carries younger child in sling while older child walks with her.

Need to walk and nurse all at the same time?  Wear an open blouse or nursing kurta, carry baby in the sling and nurse on the go.   When baby falls asleep, slide baby up higher onto the shoulder and draw the sling to that level.

Remember – nine-in-nine-out.    Baby has been nestled inside for many months and needs more months of cozy womb-like experience, close to human warmth, heartbeat, smells and rhythms, while adjusting to the outside world.  After that the sling remains a convenient, hands-free way to carry a child and carry on with one’s activities.

The good news is that our friends in Srikakulam are making slings using rings made especially for slings.  Write to to find out how you can get one.  You can sew one too, using 2.25 metres of cloth and two good strong rings.   Instructions to sew a sling.  If you don’t have rings, just tie the cloth the old-fashioned way.

Note that those of us in the business refer to carrying baby in the sling as babywearing.   Read all about it!  Dr. Sears has an entire chapter on babywearing in his Baby Book, whose title in an earlier edition credited The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff, for inspiration.  The sling is one of the foundations of the continuum.  Remember – babywearing is for the whole family.  Here are more pictures of Slings in Use.

On Maya Wrap’s site, there are some instructions and videos that show the different carrying positions.    I got a sling when my daughter was 3 weeks old and used it for a few years.  Here she is showing a few positions with her doll.

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